For my eminent project I will be researching H.A. Rey. This person is one of the author of Curious Gimageseorge, one of my most remarkable childhood books. Although each book has a similar pattern it always takes the reader on a different adventure. I always enjoyed reading this series again and again because I always found new ways to relate it to myself. I would always be eager to read these books during my liesure or at the Library. Unfortunately the series is discontinued. I hope I will learn about the author more in depth and how the story came about.

Hans Augusto Reys better known as H.A. Reys was born on September 19th 1898 and passed away on August 26th 1977. He is an illustrator and a writdownloader who was one of the authors for Curious George along with Margret Rey. H.A. Rey was born in Hamburg, Germany and met his wife in Brazil when Hans was working as a salesman and Margret had escaped from the rise of Nazism. They got married in 1935 after they were reunited when Margret left to study Arts. As a child Hans spent most of his time at the Hagenbeck zoo drawing animals. After serving in World War I, he had studied philology and natural science at the university of Hamburg. The first manuscript of Curious George was on the bicycle of Rey’s when they escaped Paris and arrived in Brazil in the 1940. The book was first published in 1941 where it was translated into multiple languages such including French and German.

While they were still in Paris, Hans’s animal drawing were noticed by a french publisher who insisted he write a children’s book. He first created Cecily G and the Nine Monkeys which did not become famous, but one of the characters wasdownload (1) an adorable monkey Named Curious George. Since the monkey beca,e a huge success the Rey family decided to write a series based off of the one character. Unfortuanetly World War II had forced them to flee Paris, a few hours before the Nazis captured the area. They had escaped to France and then on June 20 of 1940 they left to Brazil. On their journey they had a manuscript of the Curious George book late published in 1941. The book was a huge success, they had been ordered to create more stories which later included a new character, the Man in the Yellow Hat. Hans was responsible for the illustrations while Margret had worked on the stories. In the early editions, Margret’s name was included in the credits, but now she receives full credit for her work. He has written a total of 19 books and illustrated 8 books. They later moved to a house near the Harvard Square until the death of H.A. Rey. The legacy is still alive, there are stores and bookstores dedicated to this committed author.

There is a bunch of reasons why I selected this author. Although his books were not the firsts books I read, his books are the ones I could connect to and find interests the most. Curious George hadownload (2)s inspired me to be curious and not only me, but lots of other children of all ages. I find interest in this illustrator because I  loved to draw animals and other creatures when I was young too. I would take the characters from Curious George and make my own books sometimes. I hope to learn more of the inspirations and process of Curious George. I would also like to learn more about H.A. Rey’s childhood.