Annotated Bi”blog”raphy This website tells us a bit of Hans lifetime, but it mainly focuses on how the Curious Geroge books were created. It also shows us the steps that it had to go through the be published. This website tells us very briefly how the books were created, but its main purpose is to summarize the books. It tells us about the protagonists and the antagonists. This also shows.. Read More

First Draft

Just getting my ideas to paper. HANS AUGUSTO REYERSBACH (view from Margret Rey)                           William Lee   Hans Augusto Reyersbach and I got married in 1935. We were both born in Hamburg, and our fathers were both Jewish. We met in Brazil where I fled from the Nazis and saw Hans working as a salesman selling bathtubs. Hans loved to draw zoo animals and I loved to write stories, together as.. Read More

Library Post

For the SFU trip one of my main goals was to bond with the other classrooms. I found myself constantly talking to some different people which enabled me to complete my goal. This trip has help me bond and communicate with the other TALONS students. Unfortunately i did not find any book on H.A. Rey but what i did find were a few books by him. I decided not to.. Read More