In Depth #2

So far in depth has been a fun experience. I had to seek and find a trustworthy mentor for my tennis project. This so far has been an easy flow, but at the moment there are a few challenges i face. Some of which can really screw this up for me. I hope i can overcome these challenges like i did with the others, but at the moment i cannot do.. Read More

The Challenges

1.When I am stuck in a stressful position I find it helpful to first organize my tasks. I will organize what is making this a stressful situation and try to solve the problem. This way i can recognize what needs to be done. 2. If I find myself following a leader who i ineffective, i will probably try to help him or her improve. First of all i would follow.. Read More


1. I am an optimistic person in a lot of situations. Being optimistic not only boosts your confidence but also helps you focus. If you have negative  a lot negative thoughts it will only decrease the quality of the outcome. 2. To be the person I want to be, I must take the opportunities I come across and also seek opportunities where I can learn something helpful. I also must seek.. Read More

In Depth Introduction

At first I thought I wouldn’t enjoy in depth because of all the work needed. Turns out I was completely wrong. The first few steps of this journey has already been amazing and has taught me a lot of useful lessons. One of the worries I had was coming up with an idea I would stick to for the next few months. For my first in depth project I have.. Read More