Time Keeps Moving

Where have we been? Where are we going? This is a question that can be answered in many different ways. There are many variables which is why this question is so open ended. One of the variables in this question is the word we. Who are we? I will be answering the questions thinking that we means the humans. As humans, we are constantly changing. We have evolved over time.. Read More

In Depth #4

I had the best practice with my mentor a few days ago. We learnt almost all the skills and he thought that I was ready to play a match against him. My mentor did not try his best because he wanted to give me a chance. Of course I did not do well my first game and lost by a lot of points. Instead of being sad that I lost,.. Read More

In Depth #3

In Depth has been a great experience so far. Both my mentor and I have been enjoying the sport of tennis. Last week my mentor and I sharpened up on my skills. I learnt the basic techniques such as the forehand, the backhand, the spike, and the volley. One of the struggles I have is dealing with the weight of the racquets. Because I am constantly swinging around a heavy.. Read More