Evaluate the impact of interactions between aboriginal people and European explorers and settlers in Canada from 1815-1914

Section B2 is a section that I do not have a lot of experience and confidence in. I have not studies this section thoroughly. This section does not apply to me because of my character Josiah Henson. He does not have a big relation to this section. The ways I learned about this section is by the discussions in class and a few packages. The part of this section I know is the part dealing with aboriginals and Canada’s identity. We had a few discussions about this in class which helped me gather a greater understanding. I also learned about the Hudson’s Bay Company and Northwest Company through some discussions and packages. If my character had something to do with this part of my socials studies it would help greatly. There are parts of this section that I do not have any learning in and some parts that I have a basic understanding in. I do not feel that I know a lot about the fur trade and the aboriginals.

There are many things I would like to know about this section. Every year, my socials classes would only briefly touch on these  topics and I think that going more in depth with each section would help beneficially and make socials more interesting. One of the parts touches on the Indian Act, because I do not completely understand the aspects of this Act. If I were to learn about the Indian Act, I would also briefly learn about other PLOS. The section that will help me understand B2 is B3. B3 shows how immigration affected the Aboriginals. In B2, learning about the interactions will also cover immigration. I will have to know more about the immigrants to fully understand treaties. I will also need to be able to use sections A1, and A2. This will help me apply critical thinking to my research. This can solve questions for me, but can also pose more interesting questions. This will also help me find more of an interest in the past of Canada.