With election coming up soon, the political parties are working hard to create the best lasting images of themselves. There are many speeches, articles, newspaper, etc., that the parties are presenting to us, inside them are political narratives. Of the four political narratives, the one that compels to me the most is the Environment. Environment compels to me the most because it is the one of the four narratives that applies to me the most. The environment is something that I cannot avoid no matter how hard I try. Whatever we do to the environment will come back to us in the future to harm us. It is important that we try to prevent the degradation of our environment and promote the healthy being of our environment. There are many problems in our environment that I feel like needs more attention.


With lots of environmental problems occurring there is a strong need for attention to these. One of the parties that I feel like will represent our environment the best is the GPC also known as the green party of Canada. This party has shown lots of good evidence that they will represent the environment the best. They have shown a lot of responsibility with the environment. On their website two of the visions they have are green transport and climate crisis. They also have many other environmentally healthy campaigns. In order to solve the greenhouse gas emission problem, the green party has posted a graph which shows what their plan is. Based on what the greenhouse gas emissions will look like in the future, the green party has made a somewhat reasonable promise. On their website with this article they also   have a list which listed their future plans for greenhouse emissions. Since they have also promised a better and healthier way of transportation the green party also has a list on their website regarding this problem. The green party conducted a research which gave them numbers and statistics on the different ways people have traveled to work. With this information the green party has come up with a list of things that would help improve transportation. The green party has also been working on other local environmental issues. One of the main ones include the Trans Mountain Pipeline Extension. The green party has come up with a list of negative effects and would hope that this would convince many citizens to say “No” to the Trans Mountain Pipeline Extension.