Intro Post, Ole Kirk Christiansen

For my eminent person of 2015, I will be researching Ole Kirk Christiansen. Ole is best known as the inventor of LEGO and for his early career of woodworking. His creation has not only inspired me at a very young age (obviously over 3), but also many other people worldwide. He has helped me visually show my creativity, and has also taught many people helpful lessons indirectly. His intentions were to.. Read More

Library Time.

For my Eminent project of 2015, the TALONS students went on a trip to the public library.¬†Because I haven’t been to Mcloed’s or VPL here, it was a remarkable experience for me. I was looking forward to spending time outside in Vancouver Downtown. Personally i think the theme of this trip was “experience” because there were many times during the duration of this trip when i experienced something for the.. Read More