For my Eminent project of 2015, the TALONS students went on a trip to the public library. Because I haven’t been to Mcloed’s or VPL here, it was a remarkable experience for me. I was looking forward to spending time outside in Vancouver Downtown. Personally i think the theme of this trip was “experience” because there were many times during the duration of this trip when i experienced something for the first time. 

For the urban solo spots, I really took the time to take in my surrounding. Although it was loud from all the busy cars, I found it relatively easy to focus and to think. At this time I had already picked out my eminent person because last year I found it hard to research on someone who I did not officially pick yet. For this urban solo spot I also took the time to plan some goals for my trip. One of my main goals was to talk and to familiarize myself with the grade 9s. This solo spot was similar to the nature spots we did on the trip. The only difference was the surrounding, from calm tree20151014_100510s to a busy street. For solo spots, I thought it was a great way to be able to adapt myself to this new surrounding and to prepare myself for eminent. 

Our first location was an old bookstore. The moment I walked in I was surprised at how unique20151014_103454 this place looked. Instead of the modern library, this was an old bookstore. There
were books piled in boxes, books stacked on top of each other, and there were books everywhere. The owner of the store, was also a great help. He knew where every book was without even questioning himself. Aside from that, when I entered, I immediately grabbed a book and found the nearest chair. To be honest, reading for me is not that enjoyable, but this bookstore gave me such a sudden urge to read (which I enjoyed). 

After the side trip to the bookstore, the TALONS group quickly ate lunch. Although we had many options to pick from for food, I thought it would be a better idea to bring food from home. It was delicious!20151014_123444

The public library I entered was gigantic. Compared to last year’s SFU Library, I though this library was bigger. With 6 floors and an abundance of books, I was sure to find some information on Kirk. Compared to last year, I really enjoyed to openness of this library. There were a lot more windows so it was more relaxing. During my time there, I spent some time researching and reading Kirk Christiansen. Although it was tiring to move from one to another, in the end it was all worth the experience. 

Overall this trip was fantastic. For me, this trip was worth more experience wise than research wise. I got to experience not only the downtown of Vancouver, but also the bookstores and the library which i both enjoyed. Compared to last year, because I was more prepared, I was also more productive. This trip has lead me to say that i am 100% more confident in Eminent 2015!