As I look back and reflect upon last year’s In -Depth I can still remember all the fun and enjoyable moments I had learning tennis with my mentor. With a similar mindset to that, this year I decided to explore golf. As a young child my mom would always urge me to go and golf with my grandpa, but because I was scared of the unknown when I was a child, I avoided golfing. Now that I am older, and have developed more greed for curiosity and experience, I decided golf was going to be best.

When deciding what to choose for my In-Depth, I had to keep in mind that doing something I did not enjoy would destroy the whole purpose and enjoyment of this project. Initially I had three ideas, Drumming, Cooking and Golfing. My first idea was drumming. Ever since I started to listen to rock, I have always tapped along with the beat and would sometimes improvise the drums on my laps. The main problem with this was the price. Even if lessons were free, I think I would struggle asking my mom for $500, the minimal amount to get a drum set. With that off the list, I then dove into music composition, but after learning that music harmony was required for the courses, that was quickly off my list. My next idea was cooking. Even though I have no experience in the kitchen, I have accumulated the interest for cooking through the an abundance of TV shows and YouTube videos on cooking. At first I was going to follow through with this idea, until someone reminded of golfing. After weighing the pros and cons of the two ideas and asking for peer feedback, I decided golfing was going to be a better choice for me.

Before finding my mentor, I was considering asking one of the teachers at a golf range. The only problem with that was the cost and time. The golf ranges provided lessons that ran twice a week for 5+ hours each meeting for a huge price. After running into that obstacle, I decided to open up to the other options. My mentor for golfing will be Scott Lee. He is currently a student studying at university, and has played golf in and out of teams for several years. His inspiration for golfing comes from his father who is also an avid golfer. Because of his experience at both the driving range, and the fields, I decided to ask Scott for help with my 2016 In-Depth Project. He has agreed to lend me some of his equipment for free and has also agreed to meet once a week for one-two hours at the West wood Plateau Driving Range. For the last couple weeks of the project, we have decided to meet at a field, to actually put my knowledge to the test.



For my final project, I was considering doing something similar to last years. I plan on creating a learning center that will include brief descriptions of golf and also many pictures of me golfing. I also plan on making my center educational by providing a free tutorial on how to properly putt the golf ball. Since all the other types of hits require and abundance of space, I decided putting was going to be the safest and most effective option.

Thank you for reading! I am extremely excited to see how far this project will take me in the next few weeks. Good luck to everyone and their In-Depth 2016 projects!