In-Depth 2016 #3

Currently I have been trying to “master” the 7 iron in golf. I know the technique and I understand the stance and formation of the body, it’s just that I need be able to transfer that knowledge into actually hitting the ball. During the past two meetings with my mentor, we have been practicing mainly with the 7 iron. He says that it is important that I can master the.. Read More

My Future for Socials 9!

  Personal Narratives  Last year in Socials, we focused primarily on the development of Canada throughout the 1800s. I had lots of fun in the class listening to all the discussions and debates going around especially during the Canadian Confederation. I would like to expand that into our Socials 9 class this year. This year I would also like to learn more about the world outside Canada. For example the development.. Read More

In- Depth 2016 #2

Golfing so far has been a blast. Besides the soreness in my arms and hands I can say that I have really enjoyed every aspect of my lessons so far. My mentor and I had a long conversation about his experiences and expertise while we were walking up to the second floor of the driving range. Before this meeting I had read the questions to answer for the next post and thought that this.. Read More