An Apple a Day Keeps the Terrorist Away, Socials DOL #2

All the sources I used were current. Social Inquiry There was a devastating event, December 2, where a terrorist attack at San Bernardino resulted in the death of 14 people and 22 severely injured. The FBI reacted with several investigations, and found out through telephonic connections that one of the terrorists, Rizwan Farook had ownership of an IPhone 5. In order for further investigations to occur the FBI AND the.. Read More

In-Depth 2016 #4

In addition to working on my swings, my mentor has started to teach me how to put! Although I have lots to still learn, I can definitely feel the physical growth of my golfing skills compared to the first meeting. I can see the increase in distance in my swings, and also the increase in aim. After a quick warm up with my swings, we will start transitioning immediately to.. Read More