In-Depth #6

Since the last few meetings, my mentor and I have been working on personalizing the lessons according to my skills. He has taught me everything that I should know about golf, and now the last few weeks are focusing on my weaknesses and questions. Every meeting, I arrive with a few questions in hand, and a few skills that I would like to work on. This has helped me improve.. Read More

My Journal #1

Being born into an incomplete family was a really tough struggle for me. Being born without a father there beside you and your struggling mom was a very heartbreaking experience. My dad left my mom even before I was born, but I can definitely see the mental scars he imprinted on her. She won’t tell me why he left, maybe she doesn’t even know. She never talks about it, she.. Read More

Socials Meme

Recently during our quad discussions, I have noticed that trump was a reoccurring topic. Our quads are able to find multiple ways to incorporate him into our 4 big ideas. When I heard about creating a socials related meme, my immediate thought was to make a meme concerning Donald trump. Unfortunately, it was extremely hard for me to come up with an idea for this meme. When I think of Donald.. Read More

In-Depth Post #5

During Spring Break, I increased the amount of golf I had per week to two times a week. Normally my mentor and I would only meet on Saturdays from about 1-2 hours, but now I incorporated a practice session for just myself. My mentor actually let me borrow his 7 iron during the weeks, and this has definitely helped me increase my own skill when my mentor is not there. My.. Read More