Recently during our quad discussions, I have noticed that trump was a reoccurring topic. Our quads are able to find multiple ways to incorporate him into our 4 big ideas. When I heard about creating a socials related meme, my immediate thought was to make a meme concerning Donald trump. Unfortunately, it was extremely hard for me to come up with an idea for this meme.

My meme :).

When I think of Donald trump, one of the immediate thought I have are about his plans to segregate different countries with walls. With that in mind I created my meme. We all know that walking into a wall is an extremely embarrassing and unpleasant thing. Whether it be us hitting our head, hitting our knee, or stubbing our toe, the end result is always negative. Although it may not relate to everyone, many people still knows the feeling. In the second slide, I added a picture of Donald trump smiling to cover the face of the person below. Many of us know the plans of Donald trump to create a wall on the Mexican border to separate the United States of America and Mexico. There have also been many reports saying that creating a wall, would be too economically inappropriate and too labor intensive to create. If we were to use strong materials such as cinder blocks, stacking one block over another would take too much time and money. If we were to use other materials, the wall would be substantially weaker creating many other side effects. If Donald trump manages to overcome many difficulties and ends up creating a wall, we all know that he would be extremely proud.

This also coincides with the big idea “The physical environment influences the nature of political, social and economic change.” Creating a wall along the length of the Mexican border would create too many social problems and also economic issues.