Being born into an incomplete family was a really tough struggle for me. Being born without a father there beside you and your struggling mom was a very heartbreaking experience. My dad left my mom even before I was born, but I can definitely see the mental scars he imprinted on her. She won’t tell me why he left, maybe she doesn’t even know. She never talks about it, she never mentions his name. Although she never talks about him, you can tell that she never forgot what happened.

I was born in my mom’s parents’ house. She fled to her parents’ home after her husband left leaving her financially unstable. My mom’s parents, a wealthy family with more than enough money, quickly took her in and cared for her. I can still remember the wonderful environment I was born into. A room filled with wonderful decorations and fancy patterns along the walls.

My mom’s name is Hew Dalrymple, a wonderful poet in my opinion. Every night, before I sleep my mom would read me portions of her poems. I would listen until I fall asleep feeling more and more inspired every day. My mom is one of the reasons I wish to become a writer. I have been carrying a journal with me everywhere and attempted to create such works as beautiful as my mothers. Obviously none of them have been as good as my mothers.

All this happened about 20 years ago. John Elliot’s marriage proposal just reminded me of my childhood. I don’t want it end up in a similar situation as my mother. My husband is such a wonderful person, I cannot ever imagine him leaving my side. I love him, and I hope he loves me back too. He’s been very busy working as a physician, and I haven’t seen him quite as often as used to and its worrying me. I’ve been visiting my mom a lot more recently, so I haven’t seen him and he hasn’t seen me much during the daytime.

 I wish I could go back in time. My mom is is in her last few years and I cannot imagine living without her. I’ve been visiting her every day for the past year, scared of what inevitable end may suddenly occur. The innocent pale look on her face always brings me to tears. How that once lively colourful face turned to a lifeless, hopeless face. Her body strength has also degraded significantly because she can’t move without the aid of someone beside her. I’ve been staying beside her as much as I can, trying to make her last few weeks as wonderful as I can.