Since the last few meetings, my mentor and I have been working on personalizing the lessons according to my skills. He has taught me everything that I should know about golf, and now the last few weeks are focusing on my weaknesses and questions. Every meeting, I arrive with a few questions in hand, and a few skills that I would like to work on. This has helped me improve greatly in my difficulties and has also proven to be an efficient way to wrap up the in depth.

One of the things my mentor and I have been working on recently is putting. I plan to become an expert in putting to be able to teach people at my learning center accurately and efficiently. One problem I have that my mentor and I noticed is that I am inconsistent while reading greens. This basically means that I am not accurately observing the ups and downs on the green and therefore I am missing my puts. One of the ways my mentor is helping me fix this is by making me say my thoughts out loud before I put the ball. I would mention how far to the right or left I would hit to and explain the wind (if present), the hills and the distance. My mentor would then come and check to see if my thoughts were right, and if I was wrong he would help me correct the mistakes.

Another minor problem I am having while putting is my ability to control my distance. I tend to either hit too hard causing the ball to roll over the hole, or I hit too weak completely missing my target. There are a few reasons to this problem according my mentor. One reason can be the inconsistency of my swings and the other could be a lack of experience. To fix the inconsistency of my swings, my mentor has been consistently reminding me of the triangle. The triangle is basically a shape that forms between the arms and shoulders when putting the ball. If the triangle is sturdy and does not change its form during my put, it means that I had good form and therefore good control over the ball. My mentor and I have also been setting up some sort of drill to help me control and predict the distances. We would align the balls in increasing distance from the hole and I would work from closest to farthest.

During one of my practices, a kind old man came up and told me an interesting trick. After looking at my form from behind he mentioned that he noticed that my wrists were very stiff. The looser your wrists, it allows for more distance and more power. After working with that tip for the remainder of my balls, I definitely noticed a slight increase in distance. Thanks kind old man!

For In-Depth night I have a few plans in mind. Since golf is hard to present on stage, I have decided to do a learning center. For my learning center, having a spot similar to last year (outside near the grass) would be an ideal location. Not only does it give me enough space to bring in a putter, but it also presents itself with some grass for a potential putting center. On my learning center, I will include very important information based on the different hits, and would also include some general information/rules. Similar to last year, I am thinking of teaching curious golfers how to put. Since it worked out well in my favor last year, it would be something cool to try again.