Grace Elliot Journal #3

October 4, 1794- My Release? What an absolutely disgusting day. The republican government has no idea what they are doing. Who do they think they are imprisoning me and multiple other innocent women into 4 different prisons for something I had nothing to do with. Why does a wealthy women deserve to be imprisoned alongside these peasants? If there is no room left in a prison, just let me go… Read More

Journal #2- Why is this Happening to me?

There are absolutely zero reasons I can find as to why the king was executed. He did absolutely nothing wrong. He supported me and provided me safety and protection. I absolutely hate the poor. It was their fault. If it wasn’t for the poor, riots and protests would never had happened. Why do I have to be punished for their misfortunes? It’s all so unfair. Why didn’t my own husband.. Read More

The Ninth of Thermidor During the Ninth of Thermidor, Robespierre reported out to speak during the Convention. He proceeded to verbally attack many members of the Committee of Public Safety and Committee of General Security. After feeling threatened and fearing the loss of safety, some of the members of the National Convention proposed to utilize a precaution they had that could protect them against Robespierre. The proposed idea was passed, and Robespierre and.. Read More