There are absolutely zero reasons I can find as to why the king was executed. He did absolutely nothing wrong. He supported me and provided me safety and protection. I absolutely hate the poor. It was their fault. If it wasn’t for the poor, riots and protests would never had happened. Why do I have to be punished for their misfortunes? It’s all so unfair. Why didn’t my own husband side for me? He sided with the execution of the king, and it doesn’t end there. He stirred up hatred against the beautiful women, Marie Antoinette. What’s the point? He’s of royal blood so he’s fighting a double edged sword, but really I don’t care if he dies. Everyone of royal blood is quickly being executed, and my husband will surely meet what he deserves. If Marie gets executed as well, I’ll be hopeless. I’m scared, I’m so vulnerable without a monarchy, I’m praying for something wonderful to happen.

Will they really jail me? For having a letter from Charles James Fox? I would never have such thing. Who even started this rumour? The anger within me is uncontrollable, imprisonment for pieces of paper?! In addition to that someone also suspected me of helping a royalist escape the Death Sentence? I have my own life to worry for I don’t have time for others’ lives! This is absolutely ridiculous. My life is already broken, is it possible to get worse? I’m going to miss everything while I spend my life in jail. I won’t be able to see my monarchy come back stronger than ever. If not, at least I can know they tried.

Madame du Berry is here with me. Sentenced for the same reason, some stupid letters. At least we both love the monarchy, it gives us something to talk about. She admires the monarchy just as much as I do. I’ll never forget the riches and the jewelry I was stripped from! You cant take my friends and family and my riches. Oh how I wish to be Madame du Barry. Rumour has it that her beautiful face pleased the king enough to have her as his mistress. What a lucky women, King Louis is so admirable!

News rumoured through the prison, Marie Antoinette has been killed. What absolute savages, they don’t know what they are doing. She was the best and will always remain the best! You can definitely see the impact she has had on the inmates though. All of we feel inspired in some way. You could say the queen’s greatness and courage inspired all prisoners to follow her footsteps. I can’t stay here too long though, I need to escape. Madame du Barry met the executioner that past day. They are slowly killing the prisoners, and I need to get out before it’s too late. Sorry Madame du Barry, I really miss you.