October 4, 1794- My Release?

What an absolutely disgusting day. The republican government has no idea what they are doing. Who do they think they are imprisoning me and multiple other innocent women into 4 different prisons for something I had nothing to do with. Why does a wealthy women deserve to be imprisoned alongside these peasants? If there is no room left in a prison, just let me go. Don’t transfer me around like a toy, I’m a human too. I deserve better. 

What happened to this country? After being let out from 1 year in prison, it seems like everything has changed. I do not know this country anymore. I tried my best to stay strong with the monarchy, but all the peasants, the poor and the French revolutionaries destroyed my home. The execution of Louis and Marie threw this place into turmoil, and the reign of terror began. An absurd amount of people’s lives have been lost in this battle, and blood shed is everywhere. I still can’t seem to figure out if this revolution is a success or not. Houses, property, money, people all lost in order for some revolution to occur. Absolutely pointless in my opinion, we were better off before.  

Some man the other day introduced himself to me. I believe he called himself Napoleon Bonaparte, strong build and wise with a wealthy attire. He talked to me about rising up and building a new type of monarchy, what a wise gentleman. He may have the right ideas, but he will never replace King Louis. King Louis was the best and will remain until I die. He loved me, and we all loved him back but some unjust, biased court had to declare him guilty and drop the blade straight on his neck. I can never imagine marrying a man who thinks he can replace King Louis, never in a thousand years will I reconsider Napoleons offer of Marriage. He doesn’t deserve my love, after all there are plenty other who deserve it more than he does.