My Future for Socials 9!

  Personal Narratives  Last year in Socials, we focused primarily on the development of Canada throughout the 1800s. I had lots of fun in the class listening to all the discussions and debates going around especially during the Canadian Confederation. I would like to expand that into our Socials 9 class this year. This year I would also like to learn more about the world outside Canada. For example the development.. Read More

In- Depth 2016 #2

Golfing so far has been a blast. Besides the soreness in my arms and hands I can say that I have really enjoyed every aspect of my lessons so far. My mentor and I had a long conversation about his experiences and expertise while we were walking up to the second floor of the driving range. Before this meeting I had read the questions to answer for the next post and thought that this.. Read More

In-Depth 2016 Week 1

As I look back and reflect upon last year’s In -Depth I can still remember all the fun and enjoyable moments I had learning tennis with my mentor. With a similar mindset to that, this year I decided to explore golf. As a young child my mom would always urge me to go and golf with my grandpa, but because I was scared of the unknown when I was a.. Read More

Leadership Interview

INTERVIEW RECORDING ON PAPER. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT I INCLUDED ALL THE SPEECH, SO THERE MAY BE MULTIPLE RUN ONS. Hey, I’m from the TALONS program at Gleneagle, and as a leadership project we are required to reach out into our community to someone who we thought as a great leader and the first thing I thought of were teachers. Why teachers? Well, teachers in my opinion devote.. Read More

Night of the Notables Assesment

Completing my learning center for Eminent was not an easy task. There were many little time consuming projects I had to complete to finish my learning center. Similarly to last year, a lot of people didn’t actually know the name of my person. If I had used the name Ole Kirk Christensen as my title, many people would probably walk past me because of the fact that they didn’t know my.. Read More


Below I have listed all the websites I used gather information throughout the duration of this project. This was the very first link I used to research my eminent person. This was actually the reason why I decided to choose my eminent person. I was browsing YouTube when this video came up on my suggested videos. In this 17 minute video, it shows many different facts in the form of an.. Read More

Document of Learning

For my document of learning I will be sharing the steps I took to complete my speech. The first step of writing my speech was to find an interesting moment in my eminent person’s life. This was the hardest step for me because there were many for me to choose from. For my list I had, the moment when his wife died, when his first workshop burns down, when his second.. Read More

Interview Eminent 2015

Unlike last year, I got to interview a stranger for my Eminent project. Initially I was going to interview Lego Land administrative staff, but after a few good minutes of searching for the contact button, I found out that I could not contact them, unless I called their booking phones. After that, I planned on interviewing Lego Stores. While I was searching for Lego Stores, I stumbled upon Vancouver’s Lego.. Read More

Intro Post, Ole Kirk Christiansen

For my eminent person of 2015, I will be researching Ole Kirk Christiansen. Ole is best known as the inventor of LEGO and for his early career of woodworking. His creation has not only inspired me at a very young age (obviously over 3), but also many other people worldwide. He has helped me visually show my creativity, and has also taught many people helpful lessons indirectly. His intentions were to.. Read More

Library Time.

For my Eminent project of 2015, the TALONS students went on a trip to the public library. Because I haven’t been to Mcloed’s or VPL here, it was a remarkable experience for me. I was looking forward to spending time outside in Vancouver Downtown. Personally i think the theme of this trip was “experience” because there were many times during the duration of this trip when i experienced something for the.. Read More