Political Narrative

With election coming up soon, the political parties are working hard to create the best lasting images of themselves. There are many speeches, articles, newspaper, etc., that the parties are presenting to us, inside them are political narratives. Of the four political narratives, the one that compels to me the most is the Environment. Environment compels to me the most because it is the one of the four narratives that.. Read More

B2 Blog Post

Evaluate the impact of interactions between aboriginal people and European explorers and settlers in Canada from 1815-1914 Section B2 is a section that I do not have a lot of experience and confidence in. I have not studies this section thoroughly. This section does not apply to me because of my character Josiah Henson. He does not have a big relation to this section. The ways I learned about this.. Read More

In-Depth #8

I cannot believe how fast the past few weeks have been. Looking back at the start of my In-Depth project, I can see a lot of improvement in my techniques and playing styles. In the beginning when we were required to fill out a goal sheet, I would say that I accomplished my goal. I am always excited to play tennis and even after this In-Depth project, I will continue to.. Read More

Socials Midterms

During the past few weeks in the TALONS Socials Course we learnt about the Canadian Confederation. For the first few weeks I did not understand what was being discussed in the class. I was actually worried I would get caught behind so I went home and did some research in addition to what was going on in the class. The class documents and discussions actually helped me learn some sections.. Read More

Josiah Henson’s Final Speech

It is about time that I stand up and speak. About time for me to understand that I have a new life, no more slavery, fear and pain. I used to worry about my family and question if I would wake up tomorrow alive. When I was young, I was forced through many tough situations, one of which includes watching my own father’s ear ripped off by our slave owner… Read More

My Journal #2

It has been a few years since the Act of Union was executed. I fought against the rebellion of 1837, I wanted to be loyal to the British. With my government and my efforts we easily claimed victorious over the rebellion. We won and arrested many rebellions who were later put on trial. During that time I had completely forgotten that other people may be influenced to do something because.. Read More

In Depth #6

Some of the concepts my mentor and I discussed during our practice was agility, accuracy, and power. My mentor has briefly touched on agility with me. He says I need to always be on my heel (any sport basically) and that I need to be in a position where I can comfortable hit the ball. At first we have only been doing light jogs to get us warmed up, but.. Read More

In Depth #5

During my past few lessons, my mentor and I have each created a list on tennis related things I need improvement on. Everything I learnt up to this point has a possibility to end up on the list. It’s Spring Break, and I will take advantage of the extra hours I have for tennis. My mentor has also agreed to come in more often during the two weeks to improve.. Read More

My Journal (Josiah Henson)

It has happened again, my father just never learns. A hundred lashes to the back and his ear nailed to a board and cut off. All I could do was watch as my father tried to stand up to his master. This isn’t the first time as well, and again I didn’t do anything to help. I am just a slave, an old boy from Maryland. I am too old.. Read More

Underground Railroad

The green coded link http://blackhistorycanada.ca/events.php?themeid=21&id=6 This is a site that talks about the Underground Railroad system. One of the reason I chose this specific page is because it satisfies the criteria of CRAAP testing. I noticed that it was recently edited and had information that I found really interesting. There were times when I would open a new tab just to research specific things talked about in the article. This.. Read More