First Draft

Just getting my ideas to paper. HANS AUGUSTO REYERSBACH (view from Margret Rey)                           William Lee   Hans Augusto Reyersbach and I got married in 1935. We were both born in Hamburg, and our fathers were both Jewish. We met in Brazil where I fled from the Nazis and saw Hans working as a salesman selling bathtubs. Hans loved to draw zoo animals and I loved to write stories, together as.. Read More

Library Post

For the SFU trip one of my main goals was to bond with the other classrooms. I found myself constantly talking to some different people which enabled me to complete my goal. This trip has help me bond and communicate with the other TALONS students. Unfortunately i did not find any book on H.A. Rey but what i did find were a few books by him. I decided not to.. Read More

H.A. Rey

For my eminent project I will be researching H.A. Rey. This person is one of the author of Curious George, one of my most remarkable childhood books. Although each book has a similar pattern it always takes the reader on a different adventure. I always enjoyed reading this series again and again because I always found new ways to relate it to myself. I would always be eager to read these books during my liesure.. Read More